Here is the outline for our topic, Properties of Matter


Properties of Matter
I. Introduction
A. Main Ideas
1. What is matter and Physical Properties
2. The states of matter
3. Changing states of matter
4. What is density
B. Background Knowledge
II. Body
A. What is Matter and Physical Properties
1. Matter is anything that can take up space
a. matter is made up of tiny particles called atoms
(1) atoms are the smallest unit of an element
(2) atoms are made up of protons neutrons, and electrons
b. mass, volume, and weight
2. Volume
a. is anything that can take up a container
3. Mass
a. how much matter is in an object
b. can be measured in grams
4. Weight
a. the amount of gravity that pulls on an object
(1) example, one hand you hold a volleyball and a bowling ball on the other feel the difference
b. can be measured on a scale
c. if there is no gravity, the measurement won’t be correct
5. Mass, volume, and weight can be identified with our 5 senses
a. touch
b. taste
c. smell
d. hearing
e. sight
B. States of Matter
1. Solid
a. 1st state of matter
b. have little space to move around
c. has a lined pattern
d. collide only with near neighbors
e. have strong bonds
2. Liquids
a. 2nd state of matter
b. have weak bonds
c. takes up the volume of its container
d. liquid will spread as far as it can without a container
e. move more freely than solids
3. Gases
a. 3rd state of matter
b. also takes up the space of its container
c. cannot see gas because it moves so quickly
d. moves freely in its volume
4. Plasmas
a. 4th state of matter
b. is rarely found on earth
c. is an electorally charged gas that is always hot
d. free electrons and ion elements
5. Bose-Einstein Condensate
a. 5th state of matter
b. was the only state of matter created while we were alive
c. opposite of plasmas/ plasmas are super hot and Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) is really cold
C. Changing States of Matter
1. Freezing
a. liquids can freeze and turn into a solid
(1) as water slowly slows done you know it begins to freeze up and tightens up
b. when a liquid is frozen, the solid takes up more volume in its original container
c. the freezing point to freeze a liquid is 32 degrees F.
d. when a solid is frozen, it cannot fit in a smaller piece of volume
2. Melting
a. a solid can melt into a liquid when it has heat
(1) when the solid melts, the liquids starts to move freely in its volume
b. example/the heat of the stove can heat up the solid and turn it into a liquid
c. the melting point to turn a solid into a liquid is above 32 degrees F.
d. when melting a solid gets melted, the particles vibrate faster and faster
3. Boiling
a. when a liquid gets so much heat, the water boils and turns into a gas because of the steam
b. the boiling point of water is 212 degrees F.
c. when the boiling point of water turned into gas it is called steam
(1) in the inside of the pot, the solid moves freely
(2) in the surface, the water slowly escapes into the water creating steam
4. Sublimation
a. a solid can change into a gas without going into the liquid state
b. example/dry ice can change solid to gas without going into the liquid state
5. Evaporation
a. liquids can change when the sun hits the water and turns into a gas
b. example/ water on the floor can evaporate because of the sun from its powerful heat
D. What is Density
1. Density is whether an object will float or sink
a. example/ piece of wood that has holes in it will float and a rock will sink to the bottom of the water
(1) the piece of wood will float because it has a low density
(2) the rock sink to the bottom because it has a strong density
2. Density is a combination of volume and mass
a. mass is the amount of matter in an object
b. volume is anything that can take up a container
3. Density also predicts how tightly packed an object is
III. Conclusion
A. We hope you learned
1. What is matter
a. matter is anything that takes up space
2. Physical properties of matter
a. mass
b. volume
c. weight
d. can be identified by 5 senses
3. The states of matter
a. solid
b. liquid
c. gas
d. plasma
e. Bose-Einstein Condensate
4. Changing states of matter
a. freezing
b. melting
c. boiling
d. sublimation
e. evaporation
5. What is density
a. whether an object will float or sink
b. whether an object will have a low or strong density
c. is also a combination of mass and volume



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