Last Week


Well, today is the last week of doing the science projects and we really need to finish them. Want went well was when we finished Camstudio and I was trying to finish the Zoho Presentation, and Ela was trying to finish the report with the conclusion. What didn’t go well was when we didn’t have enough time to finish everything at school on Friday. So, we have to do the rest of the work at the weekend. What we should do next time, was to try really hard and finish the presentation before Monday.


Today’s Reflection


Today we didn’t have much time since we did the physical fitness, but we had much more time after school. Caitlyn continued the Zoho show. We also collaborated and I, Ela, finished the my part of the report, density.Please check it out and comment on how you like it or how you would try to make it better. While KC researched more information for our topic.

Our Problem:

Today we didn’t have much time, since we had the Physical Fitness Test.


How We Solved Our Problem:

We didn’t have much time, but we solved it by using up our time at after school.



Cam Studio is a great recording tool that records your voice and at the same time, it also records what happens on the screen. This is what we did today, we started practicing for our CamStudio. It was great but we still needed more practice. What did went well was when all three of us practiced on the computer and we finished it.

The Bad News

The bad news was that we needed to practice more . Besides finishing, we weren’t fluency enough. Plus Mr. Crosbie thought we had useless information in our script. So tomorrow we would try to practice on our script more.



Click on the picture to see our zoho presentation that we have worked on so far. Its not completely finished, so if you want to tell us what we should add or get more information at, comment to let us know. Hoped you like what we got so far. We will work hard to reply and add as much as possible. (Note: there might be some changes once we change some things around on the presentation.)

Daily Reflection


Today my whole group did a very great job, since every one in our did something. Caitlyn and KC practiced for the board meeting. Then Caitlyn fixed the F.A.Q page. KC helped Ela with the prezi and helped her search for images about solids and liquids. Ela continued the Prezi I and changed the report up.

The Problem:

Today there was no problems since everyone in our group did something.



Daily Reflection:

Today Caitlyn brought her own laptop today so we had two to use. I , Ela, used the computer to start a Prezi and do Glogster .While I did Glogster and Prezi, KC started writing up what we would say for our About Page. ¬†Caitlyn continued our Goanimation. Except later then Caitlyn had to practice her lines for the board meeting with Kiara. Today our group didn’t have much problems since KC, or Kiara C, did a very good job with what we should say for our about page. Caitlyn also did a very good job since she made a very good animation. I also did a very good job since I made a very good Prezi.

The Problem:

Today we didn’t ¬†have problems.There was no trouble or anything.

The Solution:

Well there wasn’t any problems like usual.

March 21 Reflection


What went well today was that we had a lot of computers in class today, had time to practice presenting with Mr. Clarken, and collaborated online. I (Cailtyn) brought my computer so we had enough work to be done and finished. KC was typing, and Ela did glogster. During our time, Mr. Crosbie told KC and I to go to Mr. Clarken’s room to meet with Cassandra (Cassie) and Patrick for the presentation. At around 6:00, all of us collaborated in the chat room. We really needed to be focused on our writing report and practicing what we’re going to say at the Board Meeting. What we should do next time is to focus on what we’re going to do and get finished with it right away because everyone has things to do.

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